bago builds upon the legacies of those who came before us and serves as balikbayan (a way to return home) to our heritage.

We seek to preserve Filipino heritage by directly collaborating with Filipino businesses and indigenous artisans, showcasing their craft through our designs.

We hope our journey inspires our people to not only connect with their heritage but also with their families at a much deeper level.

pamilya //

We are a Filipino American owned small business, powered by a small but mighty team of everyday people. We are your kuya/ate, cousin, mom or dad. Just like most of you, we have 9-5 day jobs, we are parents, we are aspiring artists and graduate students.

Growing a community and brand like this is extremely difficult on so many levels (the reality is that most startups don't make it, so the odds are stacked against us). Whether you've liked or reshared a post, DM'ed us with words of encouragement, purchased one of our products or are just following along, THANK YOU. We need all the support and encouragement from you all to keep us going. PARA SA ATING PAMANA


We work with ANTHILL Fabrics to ethically source handwoven textiles directly from weaving communities in the Philippines. ANTHILL provides working compensation to their weavers more than 10x the national average to ensure fair wages. Learn more.

43% of our textile costs goes directly to the weavers

48% of our textile costs is reinvested by ANTHILL Fabrics into their Community Enterprise Development Program 

ANTHILL works on a human and community-centered business model that ensures a sustainable and inclusive supply chain. They recognize the valuable roles each of their stakeholders play in keeping the local Philippine weaving industry alive. These stakeholders are the young weavers who honor weaving as cultural inheritance, young designers who risk experimenting with weaves despite its limitations, production partners whose industry and skills are also at risk, and our weave wearers who proudly wear our tribe with pride.

process //

bago garments start from scratch. No blanks. No branding or design templates. We manufacture our products locally in Los Angeles, CA to ensure we can personally oversee quality control and an ethical production process.

We design to the millimeter and strive to be intentional with every detail --with love for our community and for our heritage. Our practice of original cut and sew design and small batch production comes with significantly higher costs.

As a small business most likely competing with your favorite big brands that are mass manufacturing overseas, we are fueled by every purchase our bago community makes.

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