Cloudy Day in Ilocos Sur - Cropped Hoodie

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An artistic representation of a Cloudy Day in Ilocos Sur, Philippines, where the Pinilian textile on the hood is handwoven. The complex brocade textile found on the hood takes weavers in the Philippines an entire day to hand weave just one to two meters. Our oversized cropped hoodie and wide leg pants are inspired by traditional Filipino fashion: the kamisa, the saya skirt, and the work wear barong.




Polyester Pinilian brocade textile handwoven in Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Hand-cut and hand placed textile applique
Cropped oversized fit
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100% premium cotton
Hand tie dyed
12oz heavyweight french terry



Pinilian with diamond pattern. Handwoven by the Corazon Agosto weaving community. 

Due to the complexity of the textile design, the weavers are only able to hand weave 1-2 meters per day. 


Santiago, Ilocos Sur, Philippines


bago operates in an ethical, slow fashion model. All of our garments are made in Los Angeles. We work with ANTHILL Fabrics to ethically source handwoven textiles directly from weaving communities in the Philippines. 


A type of inabel weave that means “chosen” and uses a complicated brocade weave where sticks are inserted on chosen warp (lengthwise) threads. These create designs that “float” on the threads, giving the weave a three-dimensional quality. Designs are mostly representative of nature and their environment.

Pinilian is made by the ethnolinguistic group of the Itneg in the Cordillera region. Pinilian blankets serve prestigious and ceremonial functions rather than utilitarian ones. During the wakes of important members of the group, they are put on display as a sign of wealth. They are also believed to offer protection for the spirits against malevolent beings.


bago works with ANTHILL Fabrics to ethically source handwoven textiles directly from weaving communities in the Philippines. ANTHILL provides working compensation to their weavers more than 10x the national average to ensure fair wages. 

43% of our textile costs goes directly to the weavers

48% of our textile costs is reinvested by ANTHILL Fabrics into their Community Enterprise Development Program 


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