HERITAGE L/S Mockneck Shirt - Buko Off-White

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The HERITAGE L/S Mockneck Shirt is garment dyed in bago's primary color palette, which is inspired by the earthy tones found within the provinces of the Philippines. The design details of the split hem and overhanging sleeve cuff are subtle references to the Barong Tagalog. In support of reducing fashion waste, the Binakol textile patch is upcycled from remnant textile too small to be used on its own for other garments. Its subdued placement on the Mockneck Shirt gives way to the signature bago relaxed fit, while still proudly showcasing Filipino weaving heritage. 

Model is 5'2" and wearing a size XS.



Upcycled Binakol textile patch handwoven in Abra, Philippines
Hand cut and hand placed textile applique
Premium rib at mockneck and sleeve cuff
Oversized dropped shoulder fit
Split hem with bago logo tag
bago silicone archive code
Garment dyed for softness and vintage look
Manufactured in Los Angeles
100% premium cotton
13oz heavyweight jersey
Fabric milled in Los Angeles


Binakol in kusikus pattern. Handwoven by the master weavers of Mang Abel Ti Abra.

Bulbulala, La Paz, Abra, Philippines

bago operates in an ethical, slow fashion model. All of our garments are made in Los Angeles. We work with ANTHILL Fabrics to ethically source handwoven textiles directly from weaving communities in the Philippines. 

Binakol textile is indigenous to the Ilocanos and Itneg communities of Ilocos and the Cordillera region. The weavers keep track of the complex geometric patterns of squares and rectangles completely in their minds without a manual or guide.

Dating all the way back to the 1400s, the Binakol is traditionally a ceremonial cloth used for protection as the optical illusion of the pattern is said to create a dizzying effect that drives away evil spirits. This particular pattern is known as kusikus, designed to resemble swirling, circular whirlpool vortices in the ocean.


bago works with ANTHILL Fabrics to ethically source handwoven textiles directly from weaving communities in the Philippines. ANTHILL provides working compensation to their weavers 10x the national average to ensure fair wages.

43% of our textile costs goes directly to the weavers

48% of our textile costs is reinvested by ANTHILL Fabrics into their Community Enterprise Development Program


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